Tengi - The Chat App with Cash Prizes

Tengi is an instant messaging application that allows users to keep in touch with their friends and families over solo conversations or via groups. It lets you choose different sort of privacy settings for chats, toggle seen status/read receipts as well as toggle typing status visibility.

The App enables you to customized notifications as per your liking in terms of light, message preview, vibration and sounds. The users can also link their Facebook account to the app in order to be able to communicate with their Facebook friends over the Tengi App itself without needing to have their mobile numbers.

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Tengi lets you send photos, videos, audio files and even location. Photos are resized to 1280 pixels in terms of width as well. The best part about the App is that you can get tickets to their weekly draw, win cash prizes or Amazon.co.uk Gift Cards.

Download Link: iOS, Android

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