Dashlane - Password Manager & Digital Wallet

Dashlane is a password manager app and secure digital wallet that organizes all your passwords in one secure place, auto-saves them and automatically fills them up in the log in forms. It even allows users to change all passwords with a single click, including accounts with a two-factor authentication.

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The App is encrypted with AES-256 and not even Dashlane can access your data without knowing your master password. Dashlane also has a fully featured digital wallet that can aggregate credit cards, bank accounts, IDs and other personal information, as well as automatically fill that information for users during their online experiences.

Image titleDashlane’s premium service enables you to securely sync your data between an unlimited numbers of devices on all platforms. Automatic password generation, a security dashboard and security breach alerts are some of the other security features offered by the App.

Download Link: iOS, Android
Price: Free

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